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The Christ-Cure!

Stress, Disease, and the Christ Cure!

My council is always this: Never accept advice from people who are dependent upon (the productions of) that advice for their own survival. For example, if a nutritionist or a doctor must get their food and shelter and other necessities for survival, via the money they get as a nutritionist or a doctor, then he/she is among the last people you should accept advice from: Why?

Because they are compromised, and in direct proportion to the level of desire for material wealth: They must/will lie to you, if it makes them more monies! Anyone dedicated to being rich (even just money-dependent); they must/will, compromise any/all things unto that directive: They must/will sacrifice everything and everyone at the Altar of Mammon. Listen carefully to anyone, sure, but only take to heart the words of people with no ulterior motives, nor even the potential for such (Matt 6:11-12, 19-21).

For most of the human experience, our diets altered and swayed; even from culture to culture; tribe to tribe; biome to biome, human diets varied often wildly across the globe. What humans are capable of the most, is eating almost anything and thriving from it, and partly why we're the dominant species on Earth. Our bodies possess over a thousand generations of imprint upon them, and once we end such diversity, and settling down to only one way of doing this thing we call life; only then will (and was) our ability to adapt, altered; our rate of adaptation.

Nevertheless, adaptation takes many generations; study diabetes among Native Americans: Hence, the new Native American Diet: And check out as well, the Inuit diet: These are a few examples among many. Humans traveled by walking a lot, and thus it was slow going. But walking all the time was a constant and consistent pull on the food-energy consumed (hint-hint). Also, many humans (though not all) moved from one ecosystem to another; one biome to another, and did so slowly over years or decades.

Why Diets Work ~ And Fail!

If you suddenly swap your food source from one kind, to another, the body cannot react fast enough, and so it must/will respond in the short-term to the rapid change: E.g. a meat-heavy diet suddenly replacing a carb-heavy diet, or vice-versa. When we shock the body this way it must/will weight-adjust, because it's (biologically) trying to adapt to the sudden change. But eventually it will settle down and revert to the same fat-cell count that it sustained before, and more often a bit more, due to the sudden change. This is the diet yo-yo; the hormonal factor.

Rather, you want to decide what is most healthful to eat in the long-run, and then stick to that food source all the time. I'd advise a plant-based diet as core, especially here in these end-times, primarily due to the fact that all human body's throughout time and place, ate plant-foods (with polar tribes as rare exceptions).

Plants are still everywhere, and for the bulk of human-time they overwhelmed Earth. They can be grown at home, and so you should produce all your own organic produce, including fruit. Raise chickens, bow-hunt for turkeys, and fish. Most disciples of Messiah were fishermen; many still are (myself included). Reach for an anti-inflammatory diet.

The Pill-Pop Pathology!

The main problem with taking pills of any kind is partially psychological; that is, the placebo effect, which is always temporary, from hours up to weeks even, but never a year+. But worse; it gives the false impression that if pills are taken, the need to eat healthy and wholesome is not such a priority. But if you take any pills of any kind, prescription or otherwise, this is a tell; a sign of a health problem that must be resolved the Yah-way! And while I'm not opposed to all modern medicine, I also know extensively about the capitalist effect; in fact, I'm one of only a few authors on Earth that write about it.

As for this topic, the fact remains that humans have thrived for all generations, without any pills whatsoever, and so, regardless of the convincing evidence that anyone might produce, it cannot and will not override the empiricism of reality itself: We are here! And we are here because Yahweh made us to thrive on very little in the way of food intake, and, we thrive from eating dirt, as it were. Read: Why Eating Dirt Should Be Part of Your Daily Routine. Now of course, the money-dependent, non-food-producing, do-nothing, hands-out capitalists, really have no choice but to get you, to give them monies, and whatever it takes to make that happen: Deception therefore is 100% assured!

They must, will, and do, lie about just about everything. When aspirin was discovered and developed, it revolutionized the world of medicine, which was more akin to witchcraft than actual science, up to that timeline. Doctors, and the broader Medical Industry itself, dispensed this wonder drug, and from there, everything done under its money-taking venture was hailed as the great wonders of modern medicine, which has lengthened human life, and made us healthier as a species. But all that is flat-out lies.

The 120 Year Life!

Then Yahweh said: "My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, because he also is flesh; nevertheless, his days shall be one hundred and twenty years." (Gen 6:3)

Now of course, no one would have believed this, if in fact, humans only lived to be 40 or 50 years old, on average, which is what the money-dependents of the Medical Industry (and the Education Industry) love to instigate and promote publicly. After all, they need money and so they need the business, and will say or do anything to keep the dollars flowing in. The average money-dependent capitalist could not so much as define integrity, much less be defined by it. Hippocrates and Primum non nocere notwithstanding, the money-dependent do much harm indeed, and almost all of it!

In fact, humans lived much longer in the past, and, the quality of life was also higher than post-IR times. The irony of all modern data, centers on the fact that all health research points to health being the result of cleaner living and eating: That is, no air or water or soil pollution, and almost all pollution being addressed, began at the Industrial Revolution (IR) and worsened over time.

We live with radiation levels that never existed before on Earth, and never would have (forever) without the Anthropocentric influx and deluge of toxic elements introduced on this planet. Humans have created concoctions, which are new elements nowhere else in the entire universe: Can anyone say god-complex? Ironically, it was modern medicine that used radioactive particles to treat human illness; this is of course, sheer madness, but if an official Doctor says it is good, then it must be, right? Even if it was a Doctor from 1895. We should have a Fluoroscope in every shoe store!

It is sheer human arrogance, and a blind faith in modernity itself, which will soon lead to the prophecies of the end-times to conclude. But what is tragic, is that the Xians of Religianity are so gullible to the forces of the Godless world, which they are not only participants in and/or the enablers of, but are in fact, of the world. This is partially why the Amish avoid much of modernity. Now for many Amish, this is not from a wealth of knowledge concerning the negative effects of all that is modern, so much as it is, being equally as blinded by their own enculturation directives.

Earth: Human Food Farm!

Humans are demon-driven to destroy Earth as fast as they can, and so of course, everything is asphalted over; Center pivot irrigation now dominate surfaces that were once rich with trees and grasslands and ruled by wild animals; indeed, the animal kingdom is not even 1% of what it was for most of human-time and before; And, there's not one molecule, under or on or above Earth, that is not polluted with human-made lab-created chemicals (of one kind or another) that did not exist on Earth (in that form) prior to the Industrial Revolution Prostitution, and will not exist on any other planet, in all the universe, forever. Fascinating! Horrifying!

The human body adapts slowly to whatever food source is availed: We are clearly omnivores, and as a species we thrived because of this trait. We're the only single species to occupy every (land-based) ecosystem on the planet. Today we know the potential damage that can be caused by sudden and radical dietary changes, such as what's been gleamed from Native American diabetes studies. Humans could not move from one ecosystem to another very fast by walking, but now we can do so in a day; and we cannot adapt quite that fast.

With these facts understood, we therefore do not need to look too far back in human-past, to discover which diet is best for us as a species, because it really has more to do with what your genetic relatives have been eating over the last dozen or so generations: The proposed cave-man diet is irrelevant to everyone today.

Humans have always experienced periods of feast and famine; hence, the presence of the ditty Feast or Famine! When we observe all other earthly life-forms, we see a similar pattern. The human body stores fat, not to remain fat, but to use that fat-store at a certain future lean-time: There must be that lean-time (expressed as fasting these days). Or, we must eat far less. Or, we will gain fat.

Now, imagine you were any one of your ancestors; did you carry around a millstone and build threshing floors during your travels? No! Impossible. Are there wild grains that people ate? Yes! Now do the math. Yes humans ate grains, and my guess would be, cumulatively the equivalent of a few loaves of bread annually: And, that assumes they ate any grains that particular year at all, for even that would have depended upon many factors, such as which biome they were in, at any given time.

So the logic is simple: Yes, we can eat most anything, and we can survive on a wide variety of bio-matter. But think about this: Without water humans perished. This means that humans had to live by water always, and though rain provided fresh water on occasion, we require fresh water continuously; i.e. lakes and rivers and streams. Even those living near the salty oceans used fresh water outlet sources. And what was the easiest food-sources to catch? Fish and seafood: Waterborne creatures. (On land; trapped small mammals and fowl plus their eggs).

Sure, men group-hunted for larger game, but this was in-between times, for it was impossible to travel long distances without a water source, unless of course, you traveled alongside the water source: Ding-ding! Now do the math. Even children learned to trap crustaceans or spear fish, and most waterborne creatures were not dangerous to humans. Fish were once in massive abundance (many millions of times what there is today), and so it was a never-ending source of human food; and, there were only a fraction of humans planet-wide, as compared to now.

Eating whatever you can catch, from most any water source you happen to be nearby; this food-source is almost a complete food; you could conceivably live on it alone, for most of the time. But the human body will crave what it needs or lacks, and so these cravings would eventually drive people to seek the very thing their body needed, such as greens or fruits or hive honey, which provide other micro-nutrients not in abundance in the flesh of sea life.

If you imagine what Earth was like before the onslaught of the Godless human infestation, even one millennia ago, you can then imagine the pristine settings; the condition of biomes and ecosystems, as they were then, and then extrapolate from that understanding, what to do today. The Garden of Eden paradigm is what YHVH would have to return Earth to, conditionally: That's never going to happen: Instead, a new constellation (or heavens) surrounding a new earth (virgin planets in other solar systems) is the future of/for the infinitesimal Elect of YHVH (Isa 65:17; 66:22; 2Pe 3:10; Rev 20:11; 21:1).

Therefore, anyone who suggests to you, any food item that is made in any human-built structure (processed foods, pills, etc.); these people demonstrate their ignorance of human biology, and history, and I do not care how many credentials they boast of and with. If they need money to survive, they must and will deceive themselves, and then you, in this dependency (whether they are consciously aware of doing so or not). Any food product that must (by law) be fortified to be classified as fit for human consumption, is not.

Anyone who intently studies current food systems knows exactly what I'm writing about. In the process of converting anything and everything into dollar increments, quality must be lost: The bottom-dollar is the top-priority! To blindly trust these food-profiteers, is a demonstration of indifference, or gullibility, or both.

The Economic Ruin of Cure in a Money Dependent Economy!

These capitalistic people are exactly like any substance-abusive addict, when it comes to saying or doing anything to get what they are fully dependent upon. Money-dependency will hurt more people than all the drugs ever created by humanity over all of time. In fact, all westernized doctors are trained to react to (or treat) symptoms with chemistry; there are no courses offered at any college that seeks to make humans independent of the human systems built from and for, money-economics.

Most people seek the web (and other sources), most often to validate, vindicate, rationalize, justify, or otherwise support a belief or a lifestyle that already exists in their minds; thus, they dismiss or attenuate anything and everything else that opposes them, or that might cost them money. Money-dependence is the great compromise; the dependents will say or do anything to keep the mammon-tap flowing in, because the only other option is to live a Christ-centric life of manual labor and organic food production, which the sedentaries will kick and fight against, till the end. The bulk of the westernized world lives (and has been living) an antiChrist lifestyle, where blind enculturation and mindless indoctrination will assure its continuation.

The bulk of humanity does not live as individuals, dedicated to the quest for ultimate truth; in fact, the bulk of humanity lives in the primate-state, wherein they are blindly enculturated drones of their micro-experiences, and thus spend the bulk of their life-time, living by primal paradigms, but then, needing to adjust that so they can live within a society of people who mimic ideals, established on their behalf, by former generations. With very rare exception (like 1 per 250 million), all humans are merely, blind followers, and normalization itself the evidence. That infinitesimal few, are referred to herein, as the Elect of YHVH.

One of the traits copied (by the masses) especially in the westernized cultures, is that peddled by the money-dependent employees and profiteers of the Education Industry; the need to validate all knowledge through the culture-centric filters of formal education. I could provide a thousand examples, but one should suffice:

I share data via publication (websites; books), and those who do not like what I'm communicating, or just do not understand it, feel challenged or exposed, and so they must counter (protest): They must immediately challenge that data by questioning the purchased educational credentials: Do you have a degree in Theology? Or if its medical advice: Are you a Doctor? Or a Nutritionist? And so on. Without having their own mind and their own thoughts, the monkey-see-monkey-do primate humans, must and will, mimic/copy/parrot whatever they are told or sold: But to be wrong is too great a toll on the Godless human ego.

The Modern Grocer!

Once, the grocer were simply the go-between; a store for the urban inhabitants to purchase the excess produce of rural farmers. The best lifestyle is that of subsistence farming; only growing or raising or trapping or catching what your small group or hamlet or village needs (also, think no refrigeration, back in the days).

If you decide to consume it, the dairy from small animals is best; in fact, I'd avoid cow-based products all together, unless you or someone you know, happens to own a non-produce cow that roams freely and eats mostly grasses grazed from the earth. That milk could be used sparingly for hand-churned butter or cheese, but goat's milk is more sustainable and digestible.

Out of everything that you buy during your entire lifetime, the one and only thing that you should never skimp on, is the food you buy or eat: You are what you eat! If you were to drink raw milk from a cow that lived on grass in the 15th Century, that milk is totally different than the milk sold today in the plastic jug of the average grocer. They both share the name milk, but that's where the similarities end. Everything in the modern grocer must be looked upon, in like manner; ignore titles and pictures, and read carefully the ingredients lists. And 90%+ of all that you buy/eat should be single-ingredient.

Almost everything in modern grocers share a few base ingredients: Salt ~ Sugar ~ (fake) Fat! In fact, salt (in the form of sodium) is in more prepared foods, recipes and diets, than any other single ingredient: Why? Well, humans used it a lot in the past, prior to refrigeration, to preserve meats (mostly), but why continue the practice these days? Simple! The vast majority of people are monkey-see-monkey-do followers of whatever former generations left behind. Tradition, which never came out as a good thing by my Master, Messiah Yeshua, is simply the laziness of the next generation.

Sodium Dosing & High Blood Pressure!

It seems that everything eaten has salt in it; it may be a small or large amount, but everything uses or includes salt. Find any prepared foods sold anywhere, and there will be salt added. Even if you buy ground meats (e.g. turkey), it too is laced with sodium for preservation purposes. Find any recipe that does not include a dash of salt; it's like a cult! Even ice cream has salt added.

Why do people feel the need to put salt in/on virtually everything? Habit, tradition, and expectation; that of the masses who blindly follow those in front of them or before them (Luke 6:39-40). But there is enough sodium naturally occurring in seafood and plant-life, to meet dietary needs.

That is why I call this salt dosing; it is when the blood is never free of an excess of it; sodium is put in the body daily (hourly even) and also non-stop. I recommend you study the pleasure trap ideal; the addiction that our tongue-training gets us into. But getting a non-stop injection of sodium has cumulative effects on most people; knowing this may be as simple as blood pressure monitoring.

Buy and eat only unprepared foods, making sure that you are consuming no added salt in any form, for a few weeks. Continue a zero-added-salt diet for another two weeks, monitoring your BP, and then return to your SAD diet but continue the monitoring.

Do the math, and also, read about salt's effects on your body (from Blood Pressure UK) as well as Alternatives To High Blood Pressure Medication (from Pritikin).

The Habituation Diet!

Think about how humans eat today; we create something to hold the food in; wraps, buns and other eatable holders. Perhaps this was to keep your hands clean during eating. But this is a bad habit to get into: First wash, and then get your hands coated in the foods you are eating. This eliminates the unnecessary grain-made wraps, and in fact, sandwiches are perhaps the worst thing, and the worse way, for people to eat. Yet, the sand-witch is the staple of fast-food, which is the single greatest source of diabesity in the Americanized world.

A fresh-off-the-tree hardwood stick would be stripped of bark (made into a skewer), and the fish or fowl would be impaled on this skewer, then held over an open wood fire, but not for too long, as the skewer would eventually catch fire itself. The result? Lightly cooked, just killed, all organic, chemical-free meat, seared only in an open flame (no pans or oils). This is animal meat that lived naturally and wild, as did most all animals prior to the (mostly Godless) human infestation that poisons the modern world.

People kept dogs, but not for pets as we think of them today; dogs were light sleepers, territorial, and great at early warning; plus, they ate the bones and other animal parts that humans did not prefer eating. Humans had relational bonds with animals such as dogs and horses, because we lived with them; depended upon them; e.g. a horse was, like a car is to people today, only alive. These relationships were somewhat symbiotic and truly interdependent, but there was often an emotional component to them.

The secularized masses identify all things based upon very narrow paradigms: For example, people will often ask me: What do you do for a living? And I know they're expecting a capitalistic identifier, such as an employment title or the name of a university degree (which I have but do not share). I'm an alien to (and among) the mostly secularized world (2Co 6:14-18; Eph 2:11-16, 17-22); I am not summarized by such titles, and so, I say that I am a Monk. The very next question is often just like the first one: Which religion am I affiliated with? (fyi: I'm non-religious).

Shoebox of Enculturation!

In other words, since I must also be money-dependent (like they are), I must get much money and regularly, and much the way they do. The idea that anyone could live contented with home-grown food, handbuilt shelter, and simple second-hand clothing (even unfitted cover like the cloaks worn by Messiah Yeshua), and, all of this debt-free and non-materialistically, and, with very few possessions? All this must seem a foreign concept to the bulk of humanity these days, who are resigned to being blindly enculturated, capitalistic, money-dependent consumerists; recipient-side takers who actually create nothing, but to take-take-take-take-die! What a sad witness unto YHVH.

But simple living is just how all our ancestors lived for millennia: And I'd rather be old-fashioned or backwoods, than modern or forward-thinking. The teen mind always thinks they are ahead of their parents; this mindset has been the case for all generations everywhere. However, as we all become old, some of us realize the foolishness of this mentality: Or do we? The belief that humans are moving forward, as time moves forward, is a myth or wish-fulfillment. But it's a myth borne from the same mindset as the teen; that improvements on old things are actually improvements at all.

Perpetual Sleep Deprivation!

The problems with sleep all center around overall lifestyle: They can be grouped into two basic categories, biological and psychological. Both issues revolve around modernity itself: daily access to caffeine, nicotine, or any stimulant intake; lights at night; a generally poor diets (e.g. SAD). Any 1 of these biological issues can affect sleep, and yet for many, it's a combination of them. These issues coalesce into the psychological, such as how dietary choices alone can affect mood, and depression, and so on. In other words, it's complicated at first glance, and yet it is not complex; it is actually very simple to fix: In a word, Simple-living!

Eat a clean and locally produced Pescatarian diet; abandon all stimulants; surrender all the unnecessary toys of modernity and the lifestyles they induce. Being trapped by/in the shoebox of blind enculturation is a manifestation of Spiritual blindness or darkness, and thus eternal damnation, and for which, the Spirit in the world uses (shame and guilt) to gently push humans into the Light; however, we (the Elect of YHVH) already knows the outcome: Compare John Three to Matthew Seven; the hope versus the reality.

Nevertheless, we (the Elect of YHVH) are not to judge people, because then we would declare them lost, even while they (metaphorically) still have time on the clock. We simply Love them all, not because they deserve it, but because they need it. Perfection is not only attainable, but prerequisite to entrance unto the Heavenly Kingdom (Matt 6:43-48). But if you are only on Earth to take-take-take-die, well then, none of this has much meaning to you, apart from its possible socioreligious benefits.

Stress Kills!

The evidence of the dangerous effects of stress on the entire body, is well researched and documented. Longevity studies (in humans) are so mixed that they can actually create confusion; I've read from over a hundred different resources (over decades), and so I write from experience: but google it for yourself.

People from all over Earth, who live a century and beyond, show little evidence of any genetic advantages, with parents and siblings who did not live any longer than the majority (or average) for that people-group. Some even brag about a lifetime consuming tobacco or other no-no's: But since most tobacco consumers die young, these very few are anomalies, not examples.

After reading from so many of these resources (books, research papers, websites, etc.), and then pondering it all, a common denominator emerged: Stress! Or more accurately, the lack of it. Everyone seeks the centenarian holy grail; that single pill to pop, or that diet to consume, the correct exercise program, or some other outward thing that can be added or subtracted. But the tell is Simple living.

The Blue Zone Phenomenon!

I am a Pescetarian; however, for me it is not about living a longer earthly life. In fact for me, to be absent of this body is to be present with my Lord (2Co 5:4-8); to be home, and so I have no fear of dying. Living only for another year, or celebrating my 100th birthday; either timeline is still a very short time, when considering eternity. Even if it were possible to live 150 healthy years, it's still just a blink-of-a-blink of time. So I really do not care how long this (my) earthly tent survives.

People stress themselves so unnecessarily; it is hard to watch people, as they live utterly conquered by what others think of them: The near-pathological need for the approval of others, while pathetic and horrifying to me, is the sum of their very existence. A keep-up-with-the-neighbors lifestyle manifests in such a stark contrast to the golden Rule (the biblical commandment) to Love neighbor as self, as encased in the beatitudes. I live as unto my Lord and Master, Messiah Yeshua. But some will claim that He only lived 3 decades, and so, not a model for long-life. But again, it is a matter of a true and living Faith, versus the mere consuming of a religion.

The Indwelling Holy Spirit alters our soul, and thus our heart, and thus our mind. We take on the mind of Christ (1Co 2:15-16) and from that point-in-time, forward, we are new creations. Our very lives and lifestyles change radically; how we live is radically transformed by why we live. Only the Indwelling Holy Spirit can expel the demons and extinguish the primal man; without Christ-in-us, humans will remain mere primates, and caged to primal ways, and thinking, and perspectives. And remember: Danger is just anger with a D!

The tree is known by the fruit it bears!

(Matt 7:15-20) The Lord will show you and guide you, once (and only when) you have totally surrendered your will (your heart; mind; soul) unto the actual Lordship of Messiah Yeshua. But your true willingness to follow Messiah, must be proven with real action on your part: It must be more than words; far more than merely attending church-services, which for most is a mere distraction from a true discipleship. Therefore, the human soul can best be measured by what a person does not possess.

Now as He was going out on the road, one came running, knelt before Him, and asked Him: Good Teacher, what shall I do that I may inherit eternal life? So Jesus said to him: Why do you call Me good? No one is good but One, that is, God. You know the commandments: Do not commit adultery: Do not murder: Do not steal: Do not bear false witness: Do not defraud: Honor your father and your mother! And he answered and said to Him: Teacher, all these things I have kept from my youth. Then Jesus, looking at him, loved him and said to him: One thing you lack: Go your way, sell whatever you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in Heaven; and come, take up the cross, and follow Me. But he was sad at this word, and went away sorrowful, for he had great possessions. (Mark 10:17-22)

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