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Memorial Day!

Today Is American Memorial Day!

During the Roman Empire, roman warriors were magnified by the Emperors; the gladiators were hailed as societies heroes for their ability to slay Christians by the dozen, among other bloodletting acts for entertainment. For most of human-time, men willing and hungry to spill blood (Matt 5:21-26) for king or queen or for land (even or Christ?); they were the heroes among (carnal primal) men. Of course we, the Elect of YHVH, have only one Hero (1 brand; 1 theme; 1 leader; 1 king; 1 boss): Our Lord and Master, Messiah Yeshua; Jesus the Christ, our paradigm of lifestyle, and our life-purpose.

But those without the overpowering force, which is the Indwelling Holy Spirit; these people – the sheer bulk of humanity – must find their heroes from among men. To this day, the Godless masses (churched or not) still glorify war and militarism. Indeed, the just war theory was among Satan's primary convolution within the cult of Christendom, and presented itself since even before the Johannine epistles were written, and even perhaps, why they were written.

Memorial Day was created (and still perpetuated) by the same wealth-class that has been manipulating the masses, since even before the First Century. The logic is rather simple: All Godless men hunger-lust to be superior to other humans, and will use whatever means availed to achieve that goal: This is all, only about ego and pride, and on the flipside, guilt and shame.

Without Christ-in-you; without the epochal enlightenment of the Indwelling Holy Spirit, the bulk of humanity remains in Spiritual darkness or blindness, and as Messiah Yeshua said, the blind masses follow blind leaders, and they will all fall into the ditch (Matt 15:12-14). It is self-righteous to expect a Spiritually blind person to Spiritually see. Consequently, the masses are monkey-see-monkey-do, copy-mimic-parrot, blind followers of those in front of them and those around them: They live and die with few if any original thoughts; they are sadly confined to blind enculturation.

That enculturation means they will parrot words that the culture parrots; words like love, which everyone says but precious few people will even so much as comprehend; indeed, Love is the great mystery. People, void of Love and thus the power of it, cannot Love their enemies; in fact, they need enemies and opposition, as it feeds into their mentalities of paranoia, fear, competitivism and self-superiority. Thus, they throw around word-concepts such as: they sacrificed for their country! Not one human on Earth ever, sacrificed for their country; these are mythical concepts that have no place in reality, and are evil unto YHVH: Earth belongs only to YHVH.

As a psychological compensation for the internal guilt of (Soul-sacrificially) buying into these social ruses, this M-Day was created, precisely to perpetuate the war machine into the future, because once a person wises up to the ruse, they would no longer partake in it: Thus, youth (young men mostly) are those tapped for service and subsequently trapped therein. At that point-in-time, they can either go to prison for defying the wealth-class productions, or acquiesce and partake in the killing fields of the hellbound masses.

The single most horrifying statement or sentence that will be repeated literally multiple-trillions of times, over countless millennia, will be: I was doing my duty (or job)! This Satan-speak sounds good now, but it will be the single greatest haunting sentence ever exiting a human mouth. YHVH does not and will not place any value whatsoever, upon the works of men. You obey YHVH and the law of Love, or you must and will be cast into outer darkness. The suffering there, will be of one's own making; it will be you, rehearsing you, trillions times over; a horrifying rerun of your life on Earth, as you get to witness yourself, squandering it all, for the me-here-now. You kill any human Messiah died on the Cross to save (John 3:16), you burn: Period!

No Man Owns This Earth We're On!

War has zero to do with freedom or land: Any very wealthy man can go onto any square mile, on this planet (past, present and future), and do as he so pleases. Grease the right wheels and anything can be yours, anywhere, anytime. Freedom is a product, not a reality; indeed, freedom is a myth. But it makes for good fiction; the storytellers of old exploited the same base psychology as they do today, with heroism and the savior paradigm (which require victims): And young men enamored by romantic notions of rescuing the distressed, and receiving a heroes welcome. I.e. It's all ego!

Indeed, money economics is what was finally employed socially, so that one human (or a small group of people) could have power over other humans; and in time, lots of other people. For the male ego, and the male desire, it was all about getting the attentions of the pretty young women. Younger men experience heightened sexual arousal, as they are overly hormonal, but this affects them in other ways as well; namely, a leaning toward anger-violence: To bully was/is a way to show off their primal prowess (that damned testosterone).

What better candidate to exploit or recruit, than young men; youthful ignorance, indestructibility, arrogance, notions of heroism, and undirected energy. Also, younger men were direct competition for the attentions of the young women. To get a recent taste of this reality, one only need study the US Civil War; the things you will notice was that older wealthy men were not only copulating with their black slave women, they were also the males that survived the bloodbath.

The young men were/are always sent to war for the fattened old rich (and mostly white) men. With all those young men gone, these older men had their way with the hoards of young widows and/or the unmarried young: War is a great way to weed out the way-too-many young men from the "copulation equation" of primal competitivism. The myths of war obscure the truth behind war.

Once these boys, who survived the wars, matured into men, they came to realize the reality of what they were involved in, and at that point they must (eventually) make a choice: they either repent of the deed, or, they participate in the blind enculturation of the masses, and try to mask it all in delusions; in the rhetoric of societal ambiguity. Memorial Day is just one such social product (there are dozens): E.g. Obedience Training: The Truth about the Pledge of Allegiance. Attend any MLB game; it's like being at an event in North Korea (creepy)!

Conform or Transform!

The Indwelling Holy Spirit abides within the disciples of Messiah, but for the rest; the Holy Spirit in the world serves to drive people – via guilt and shame (John 16:7-13) from a raw exposure to self – to their proverbial and literal knees; however, most will still not surrender (John 3:19-21). You will live under the Lordship of Messiah Yeshua, or you are eternally doomed, and this is true regardless of the (proverbial) cards you were dealt in this life.

Scripture explains that (the minds of) men will degrade until evil is called good, and good is called evil (Isa 5:20-24), and war itself, is at the pinnacle of this paradigm. War is primal; carnal; evil; it is that state of the primate, wherein humans hunger-lust to kill and to steal and to destroy (John 10:10). The warmongers (the payers and the players) are in fact, YHVH-haters, and thus, they hate everything and everyone. They must and will hate me too (John 15:17-18): Why?

Because truth hurts the most: For a man to admit that he was tricked by the wealth-class, becomes all the more difficult, once the numbers of men who have survived war grows; and then again; to have survived from the suicide that many prefer over living on, in such a guilt-debilitating state; those who remain, must work hard to suppress the ever present guilt that necessarily comes as a direct consequence of the Spirit in the world. With a general public praising war, they may feel better for awhile, but time is relentless.

Guilt is the Fuel of Anger!

For there is therefore, now, no condemnation (disapproval; guilt; shame; regret) for those who are in Christ Jesus; or more accurately, for those whom Christ Jesus is in (Rom 8:1-6, 7-11, 35-39); however, for the rest of humanity, there is only guilt-driven anger, resentment, fury, and vengeance; it literally oozes out of every crevice of their being. Thus, they contemplate murder, or suicide, or if not those, they abuse the self with various addictions and/or very poor lifestyle choices (slow suicide).

My biological father was a US Marine, sent to Korea to shoot at its citizens (and the US lost that war too). His alcoholism, smoking and dietary abuse, finally did him in. He ordered me never to join any military force; not even police. Now, my reasons for not doing so were, at the time, different than his. I was a dedicated atheist as a young man, but even then, YHVH was working within me, which I can see now, as an old man with hindsight, though at the time I was oblivious to it.

Participating as mere pawns in the clever chess game of war, which only exists to service the will of the rich and powerful; this will make any thinking man cringe. The precious few (the one per quarter-billion) who diligently seek the truth-of-truth (1—3 John), will eventually seek forgiveness; they will dedicate the rest of their earthly life to the promotion of peace, and will oppose war and all its manifestations. The pride-conquered are doomed to justifying war-acts until their eternal damnation, and even YHVH cannot overrule their volition.

But for the majority, they perpetuate the public deception productions that got them involved to begin with: Patriotism, heroism and victimhood, nationalism, racism, and general us-against-them-ism, which are the satanic, bigot-borne productions of the wealth-class to trick the (mostly simpleton) masses to be their pawns for pickings. Deep-deep inside, everyone knows this; hence, the guilt that creates the anger toward those who do not swallow (hook, line and sinker), these deceptive productions that serve to divide humanity (John 17)

It is that very us-against-them mentality that Messiah Yeshua was trying to expose. The Jews thought they were better than the Gentiles; star-bellied Sneetches better than plain Sneetches; communists were better than capitalists; the white man better than the black, and so forth. In other words, the goal of Satan and his earthly minions, is to keep the primate state alive and thriving, and this is most easily accomplished, by first exploiting the egos of men; young men in the case of war. Satan owns the souls of the power hungry, for it is that earthly power that Satan lusts to offer men (Matt 4:1-4, 5-10).

Primate Paranoia: The Vengeance-Cycle Paradox!

This perpetuation of us-against-them is a popular theme among the masses. And while the infinitesimal Elect of YHVH avoid any form of self-glorification (especially heroism), the notion that anyone could glorify war, is of course, anathema; it is evil unrivaled. War is not glory; it is not good in any form or permutation. War is quite simply, men killing men (and now women) who are not on "their side." These fictional "sides" were created or perpetuated by the wealth-class. All wars that have or ever will occur on Earth, will not be justified in the eyes of YHVH, on your Judgment Day. All human factions are demonic at their core, and those who partake in (or enable) any of them are doomed eternally.

Even wild elephants will await their dead; they will try to nudge the fallen, because they do not quite understand death. Elephants (indeed most mammals) will become distressed when one of their own, lays on the ground and will not get up and migrate. It is postulated by scientists that they even mourn their dead because they will return to corpses months after death. They remember them, and try to show something for them, simply because they do not understand that they are gone forever.

Primal carnal humans display this very same action: Because they too, do not understand that the physical body is just a shell; a corporeal cocoon; a temporal tabernacle (2Co 4&5): They glorify the dead via these macabre rituals, such as is witnessed on Memorial Day. We humans are not our human bodies, for we are Spiritual. Once my body dies it is no more than skin and bones: Indeed, I signed up for full body donation to ScienceCare.com. On the day I die my eternal Soul leaves Earth. The very thought of a tombstone with my name on it is mortifying to me. If you knew me on Earth and I died; please understand that I went straightway unto my Father in Heaven; my human body exuviated in the exchange for an eternal one.

But mammals cannot quite understand this reality, because after all, they are merely primates (bipedal hominids), and thus, not radically and Spiritually transformed humans being. They (the Soulless masses) participate in human cultures, but inwardly they are little more than animals, and as such, they metaphorically return to the corpses of their dead to prod them; attempting to keep in their minds their physical existence on Earth, or to glorify their evil done in the name of war; anathema indeed. But this is only because that's the sum of their mind, and thus, their eternality: Their life will begin and end on Earth.

Nationalistic Narcissism!

To believe that the continent you happen to have been born on, is the best in the world; this is itself, a sign of Spiritual vacuity and self-superiority. But this is what all forms of self-elevation look like. The brand-name product I buy is the best, simply because it is me buying it; there is a personal association with what a person assigns to themselves, which then be the best or the most superior, because the childish mentality of competitivism can only be overruled by the Indwelling Holy Spirit. To Love one's enemies as one would a dear friend, is impossible for the hate-driven hellbound; conversely, it is the demonstration; the lifestyle witness of the Christ-centric, among the infinitesimal Elect of YHVH.

It is impossible to honor, or respect, or otherwise venerate the dead: There are no such things in reality, and so these cult-like acts are rituals that are limited to the Godless-religious all over Earth. When a human dies, one of two things happen: if they are among the innocent (children mostly, but also mentally impaired adults), their eternal Soul will go right away unto our Heavenly Father, YHVH: So will it be for the infinitesimal (adults) among the Elect of YHVH (Matt 18:1-5, 6-11). But for the accountable adult masses (the bulk of humanity), they will sleep, as it is mentioned in scripture, which is a descriptive metaphor of/for their state of being alive but unconscious, which describes their Soul-status prior to their Day of Judgment.

For the infinitesimal Elect of YHVH (the one per quarter-billion accountable adults); we know for certain that this blink-of-time on Earth, exists only the provide the opportunity (for each accountable individual) to surrender unconditionally unto the supreme and eternal Lordship of Messiah Yeshua, or not. This life is not about this life! But if this life is all their is, those living it will surely show forth this cold reality, via their lifestyles and their mentalities. To glorify warmongers (or war itself) is evil unrivaled, but the Godless hellbound cannot see this. It will take a million years in the Abyss to even break them of the pride they hold so dear.

Crucify Him! Give Us Warrior Barabbas!

Humans will justify all kinds of evil, and will even make evil look good; heroic even. They take the greatest act of evil possible on this planet, and make it into some form of service; this army of people who are defending us, the good guys saving us from all the bad guys. And it is this very product that the wealth-class, who serve Satan religiously, metaphorically masturbate over. To get the masses to participate in their societal-wide evil, done in the name of Jesus, must thrill all evil beings, both corporeal and incorporeal.

To listen to the war-justifying slogans, parroted from one person to the next, over and over, like mindless automatons, reminds me of the Orwellian future that is verily now upon us. Thank you for your service! Defend our Nation! Protect our Freedom! God bless America (what, and screw the rest of them?)! These parrot-packets are repeated everywhere by the monkey-see-monkey-do masses, until everyone finally assumes them all to be righteous and good: It is that proverbial leaven in the lumps of life.

However, this us-against-them mentality (this primate state) is the single greatest manifestation of neighbor-hating possible! Once Love comes into you, via the Indwelling Holy Spirit, you will see all humanity just like YHVH does. You will die for them, but not kill them!

In fact, not one human life was ever lost, nor given, to protect any piece of land, nor any noble ideal. The wealth-class promote and circulate this fiction, to get others to protect their political or business interests, and that is all (it should have been called Exxon Freedom, not Iraqi Freedom).

YHVH will never expect anyone to play god on Earth; you take the life of anyone that YHVH created, and you have played god; you must and will, be held accountable for doing so, regardless of any human-made rules or justifications. YHVH cares nothing about self-justifications, no matter how well-received they are by the masses; no matter how legal-looking they are. There are the Ten Commandments, and there is no other law worthy of living by.

If your relative has died in war, they cannot be looked upon as murderers, and so the opposite must and will occur; they will be rendered as heroes: What else is there? I will answer that! Surrender unconditionally unto the supreme and eternal Lordship of Messiah Yeshua; die to this life; die to your ego, your emotions, your earthly desires and dreams.

Sheep Among Wolves: The Bravery of Pacifism!

My Master, Messiah Yeshua, demonstrated the single greatest act of bravery on Earth; He stayed on that Cross for us all. Any thug can pull a trigger; any primate can beat down one smaller. It takes guts not to! Be willing to slit your own throat and drop dead to the floor, the moment your brain so much as thinks about playing god while you are on Earth. If you own a gun, sell it; dedicate the remainder of your earth-life to serving Messiah. Reveal true bravery, and lay down your life, willingly for another (John 15:12-14), but not for corporations or nation-builders (same thing really).

The christianized; the Xians of Religianity, are culture-centric, and so they too, glorify war and death and sin (on Memorial Day), and participate equally in the delusions of us-against-them-ism, which is the crowning glory of Satan. Why? They are religionists; they are businesses that rely on the mammon of Satan, and so they compromise in direct proportion to that money-dependency. And while they hold up scripture, it is merely a talisman of their religion, and not the playbook of their daily (hourly) lifestyle; not their diary of daily dying.

The Xians of Religianity are among the most evil living beings on Earth (and indeed, anywhere in the universe). Christianity minus Christ = Xian, which are the many antiChrists among us. The Xians of Religianity are the many antiChrist's mentioned outright in First John (1Jo 2:18-19) and intimated elsewhere.

They call themselves Little Christs but their entire lifestyle is shaped, only and exclusively, by the culture they belong to: They are culture-centric, not Christ-centric! They hail bible, but they have no concept of it: Their consciousness has been seared as with a hot iron; they are the lost among the lost; like Judas Iscariot, who ate with Him, then betrayed Him for mammon (Matt 26:20-25; Luke 16:13-15). They are eternally doomed, even while they still yet breathe air.

War: Cloak of the Murderous (Mat 5:21-22; 1Jo 3:14-16)!

Today that culture (that enculturation) is upside-down: the Christianized participate in patriotism and/or nationalism, which ironically, was what Christ died on the Cross to eliminate, or at best, to expose to His Elect. The Cross was about eliminating all obstacles, such as religion itself: All religion is Satanic at its core: So is anything that pits humans against one another.

The Cross also intended to render obsolete, tradition and ethnicity, because they all eventually become stumbling-blocks to truth; to unity; to universal and unconditional Love, and its subsequent oneness (John Seventeen).

All of these products of indoctrination are horrifying to all Christ-centric followers of The Way; however, they are very normalized concepts, unto the sheer masses on Broadway (Matt 7:13-14). The metaphorical wailing and gnashing of teeth can be seen within this deception; to spend eternity reliving these lies and deceptions is verily, a horrifying end to this life, and defining the next one.

But the murderous suffer from the hellishness they allow within themselves, here on Earth. The demon's lust to whisper words like vengeance and justice and duty, provoking young men to kill, knowing how killing will impact them as they maturate and ponder these youthful actions.

In response to truth, the haters (must and) will also hate me for saying these things; for opening up the wounds of the past that society works in concert to obscure. This is why there are war memorials all over this nation of warmongers and glorifiers. Those who do not want to be conquered will fight colonizers (land-takers), just as witnessed with the Americans (Natives) who were forced to fight against the many antiChrist Caucasian, westernized, bibles-and-bullets, materialistic, vicious, wealth-hungry, capitalistic people, for whom I simply refer to as the Xians of Religianity or the Faithless-Godless-Loveless (without Faith there is no Indwelling Holy Spirit; without that Spirit there is no Love; YHVH is Love and the Holy Spirit is YHVH).

These people were (and still are) galaxies away from the Cross of Christ; these mere primates were hell-bent on exploiting the religion of Christianity, using the corrupted (root of all evil) money of the Catholic Oligarchy, as well as other money-empowered religionists, to finance their evil deeds, now done in the name of Jesus. The new religion is politics, but the source is still Satan.

This entire process will be the greatest evil ever witnessed on planet Earth; it will be among the very thought-content that will cause the metaphorical wailing and gnashing of teeth (Matt 13:37-43) among the Commandment breakers; the Lawless and iniquitous who perhaps follow human laws and rules and directives, but who ignore, attenuate, dismiss, or violate The Law (Gal 5:13-18).

The Fear of Death Forces Justification for Killing!

All that the Heaven-bound few will ever glorify in, or memorialize, or praise, or serve, is Christ-Crucified, and we will outwardly call evil, evil (regardless of emotions). All war is evil, and all who participate in it, justify it, or enable it, will suffer that fate; the fate of the collaborator. There is no us-against-them; there are no monsters, but only among those willing to kill in order to live. The fear of death is the proof that one's afterlife is assured: the blackness of darkness (the empty expanse of deep-deep outer space, often called Hell, though hell actually defines a status of existence, rather than a location or destination).

Every hell-bound person knows, deep-deep within, that they are eternally doomed, even as many of them play religion on weekends. This is why people need war and killing to be justified; they know they’re ultimately doomed, and thus, they will do anything (say anything) to stay alive for as long as they can: Hence, the gun-culture of Satan's America. For most however, they will not figure any of this out, until they are in the blackness of darkness, and for millennia. And sadly, even the Creator of the universe (YHVH) is powerless to alter their course: Messiah said it will be so (John 3:16-18, 19-21; Matt 7:13-14, 22-23; 26:21-25; Luke 13:24-28).

For the (infinitesimal) Elect of YHVH however, physical death is just new life; to be absent of this body is to be present with the Lord. We see this life (corporeality) as the grand experiment; the very purpose of this life is for YHVH to watch and to record, and await the final days: It is to let us see, from a God's-eye view, if we are fit to serve YHVH eternally (or not), and to do so from an assured state of Love; true and unconditional and eternal Love, from which springs tangible peace and pure contentment. If we cannot show our dedication to unconditional Love, in the here and now, for all creation, we cannot (and will not) be trusted with much greater, than what this corporeal life represents (Luke 6:20-23; 16:10-15).

Peace I leave with you; My peace I give unto you: Not as the world gives, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid!

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