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Today Is American Thanksgiving Day!

Everyday Thanksgiving

For the infinitesimal Elect of YHVH, human holidays (throughout time and cultures) are the mere traditions of men: But alone, these are not bad or negative or sin, unless of course, they oppose, attenuate, or otherwise prostitute the lifestyle set forth by Yeshua the Messiah and His direct disciples. The Messiah was clear in His opposition to blind enculturation, especially as it manifested in ethnic or cultural tradition:

Then the Scribes and Pharisees who were from Jerusalem came to Messiah Yeshua, saying, Why do your disciples transgress the tradition of the elders? For they do not wash their hands when they eat bread. But He answered and said to them, Why do you also transgress the commandment of God by your tradition? For God commanded, saying, "Honor your father and mother"; and, "He who speaks evil of father or mother, let him die by death." But you say, Whoever says to his father or mother, Whatever you would gain from me, It is a gift to God; and in no way he honors his father or his mother. And you voided the commandment of God by your tradition. Hypocrites! Well did Isaiah prophesy of you, saying: This people draws near to Me with their mouth, and honors Me with their lips, but their heart is far from Me. But in vain they worship Me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men. (Matt 15:1-9) (xref: Mark 7:6-8, 9-13; Col 2:8; 1Pe 1:17-21; Gal 4:8-10; Rom 14:5-9; Titus 1:13-16)

This is not to condemn all traditions, but rather, to look at them honestly and truthfully for what they truly mean or represent or do. Celebrating birthdays, for example, has no deeper meaning than to merely celebrate our date of birth each year. Celebrating the completion of a personal task or a goal would also fall into this same theme, such as graduation. Of course, Sabbath is not an ethnic tradition nor a holiday; it is an everlasting Commandment. Such commandments only exist to expose the defiant.

We, the Elect of YHVH, are Messiah-centric, and thus Love-conquered: We Love all creations of YHVH equally, for this is The Great Commandment. We do not look upon any human (or animals for that matter) as a separate entity or an alien creation. All life on Earth are equal in the eyes of YHVH, and it is our duty to Love them (and to be stewards of Earth and the animals) regardless of how humans treat us or think about us. Stewardship is one of the many fruits of obedience.

Do we just blindly comply with any and all cultural traditions just because everyone else is doing it? Of course not! This would imply immaturity, because one of the traits associated with children is that they copy whatever they see and hear; they do not think or act independently of their micro-experiences. This is OK, because they are children, but when we maturate, we must end childish ways and thinking (1Co 13:11-12). We no longer justify our future actions by/with the events of our past.

Humans killing humans is evil; it is a manifestation of the god-complex, which is satanic at its core. Under all possible set of circumstances, killing is evil, except of course, to those who fear death; that is, the bulk of humanity (Matt 7:13-14): They must and will, justify killing in defense. Therefore, we as the Elect of YHVH, do not enable cultural celebrations of human events that were travesties (e.g. any/all militant acts) imposed upon humanity by the Godless masses: We mourn those in such spiritual darkness; the murderous and the murdered.

We are aliens here; we are not of the (primal, carnal) human world; thus we are not active or willing participants in the events imposed upon this planet, by the Godless human masses. We are analogous to children (Matt 18:2-4) or even the animals, in that we are innocent victims of the Godless masses that currently dominate this planet: That's the summary of the Sermon of the Mount, which is the only lifestyle paradigm, manifest by the Elect of YHVH.

T-Day: Good Black Friday: Xmas!

Traditions, ideals, or actions, such as consumerism, capitalism, materialism, hoarding money, and so forth; these are not the Commandments of YHVH, nor the lifestyles taught and demonstrated by Messiah Yeshua. Therefore, they should be considered and meditated upon, in that Light. Does living this way, or doing these things, honor the Lord or reflect His character? Or do you really only serve the god of mammon? (Matt 6:19-24; Luke 16:13-15) How we live becomes that proverbial fruit-on-the-tree that all can see: Lifestyle defines us.

Everyday thanksgiving manifests in how we live everyday: We are what we do, and no more! The Elect of YHVH do not need a single day to thankfully celebrate the blessings of YHVH; we do not need a single day to honor our Lord's birthday (which was probably not in December anyway); we do not collaborate in celebrations that are intended to cover-up the truth of past events, such as T-Day represents. Instead, we pray for the Souls of the deceived.

The Xians – taken from Xmas where Christ is also X'ed out – are the fake Christians (See also Christianism); these people have been among us (in droves) since the First Century, and who was prophesied to dominate the religion of Christianity in the Last Century (which we are now in). Many who waved the banners of Christ were/are, in fact, the many prophesied antiChrist's infiltrated among us (1Jo 2:15-20; 4:1-6; 2Jo 1:6-9); they consume religion productions, but they are not truly in an everlasting relational bondage to/with us, as the Elect of YHVH.

Thanksgiving Day was/is verily a cover-up; a diversion from truth, but such deceptions and delusions were also prophesied about, to occur during the period of the end times; one of which coincides with an ancient prophet: to make evil good, and good evil (Isaiah 5:20). The wholesale slaughter of the YHVH-created humans on the American continent, by those (in the 15th Century) who flew the flags of Christianity, was accursed: It was/is pure evil. But it was only one of many such travesties globally, done by fake Christians, led by satan, to soil the Holy Name of Messiah Yeshua; Jesus our precious Christ.

But this level of evil, done under the banners of Christ, was also an expected component of the end times. satan was doomed by Messiah Yeshua via His glorious Resurrection (Heb 2:14-18): Therefore, satan and his trillion-demon army, has had only one mission since then: Perfecting temptation so to prostitute the name of YHVH, via the human-form we Love and know of as Yeshua the Messiah, which the English later translated as Jesus the Christ (See: Yeshua is Adonai).


The Elect of YHVH are daily thankful for the physical ability to labor and to walk; for the mental ability to think and to reason; for the spiritual enlightenment that brings true meaning to life and eliminates the fear of death. We do not praise ourselves for our abilities or our achievements, knowing that all good things come from above, and that even small changes in our life-course could have resulted in an entirely different existence than the one we now experience.

Likewise, we do not look down upon others for their life-course, knowing that they are only where they are, for good and for bad, because of the eternal sovereignty of YHVH. Many people may pretend to be thankful outwardly, but lifestyle is the true measure of the man. We have what we have, and we do what we do, only because YHVH allowed it so.

People like to covertly boast; to praise themselves for their wise choices (in education, investments, employment, etc.), and yet, even those were due to the Sovereign One, not you. Be thankful daily that you did not spend your entire life flat-broke as a spit-dribbling quadriplegic who would not see a 40th birthday (James 4:12-17; 2Ti 3:1-5).

Regularly in prayer I thank YHVH for the opportunities I had in this life; to just be in this life; for the honor to personally be in the lives of all those I Love over my lifetime. Though fleeting, and even though (true) Love was not reciprocated, I was and am thankful for them nonetheless. With Love it is always better to give than receive: It is unparalleled to be able to take the Love of YHVH, for me, and redirect it to others. Thank You Adonai!

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